Self Study Topic List and Accepted Applicants

To motivate students to devote into different subfields, registering on a topic with over two groups will not be approved. We carry out the first-come-first-serve rule.

  1. Median (Streaming Algorithm):
  2. Shortest path on metric space: "Tong Yin, Jinli Zhong "
  3. Shortest path on graphs: "张启鹏 李文博"
  4. Output sensitive 2D convex hall: "黄晓芙 郭韵"
  5. 2D LP (for solving tangent mentioned in L4):
  6. Kolmogorov complexity: "Bo Huang, Yi Wei"
  7. Sketch of big data: "Atta ul Munim Zaki, Ahmad Arib Alfarisy"
  8. Fixed parameter algorithms: "黄海鑫 孟真"
  9. Order statistics: "梁玉鼎 陈泽" "李杰 金人杰"
  10. Paradox in games (Routing Games, or Incentive Compatible Competitive Ranking, or Games in Sports game) "Haoran Sun, Haonan Xu"
  11. Google's big table: "Junjie Hou" "Quanquan Chu, Lei Jiang"
  12. Bloom filter and hash function: "Wei Zhang, Chen Pan" "Fengjun Chen"
  13. Approximate Counting:
  14. Selfish Mining Blockchain: "Wenhan Huang"
  15. Second Memory Sorting: "Shenrong Qin, Hao Xu"